Early Childhood Education

Our Early Childhood Education programs focus on children ages 0-4 and their parents/caregivers.

Check out our calendar for upcoming sessions, or call us today at (415) 715-6746 to make an appointment for a tour or if you have any questions.

Programs offered at P = Portola; E = Excelsior; P & E = Portola and Excelsior

Child-Parent Drop-In (CPDI) (P & E)

CPDI is a fun playgroup where parents/caregivers interact with their children to build healthy attachment and bonds with the support and guidance of skilled early childhood staff. Children ages 6 -36 months play beside and with their parents/caregivers and other children, developing their social, emotional, and reasoning skills. The program includes daily circle-time, visits from local public librarians, healthy snacks, literacy activities, and monthly field trips throughout the San Francisco area.

Next Steps (P & E)

Next Steps is Family Connections’ unique 12-week preschool family readiness program for 3-4-year-olds and their parents/caregivers. Modeled on the Pre-Kindergarten format, this program works intimately with families to identify developmental challenges, address separation anxiety, and prepare children for preschool.

Preschool (P)

Our liscensed and highly regarded half-day preschool for children ages 3-4 supports  is an academic and play-based program that offers each student a rich, child-centered curriculum.

Summer Pop N’ Play (E)

This six-week summer program for 3-4 years old children and their parents/caregivers focuses on pre-literacy, arts, crafts, and bonding. The half-day program takes place three days per week and is a great starting point to introduce you and your child to a summer program.